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Measure and Control the Success

of your Production Process


Backed by 25 years of experience in operations management software, Cosmino provides manufacturing companies with the tools to efficiently implement and improve Continuous Improvement Processes (CIP) and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) efforts.

Our proven solutions allow companies to gather and analyze data through various methods which include touchscreen dialogs, machine connectivity and the highly efficient Cosmino IntelliScan, our unique handwritten document scanning solution. 

Cosmino's award-winning reporting solution, Cosmino DynaMon, presents a clear picture of operational metrics such as CPK, PPM, OEE and TEEP. This enables our clients to easily set and monitor performance targets as well as to implement effective and sustainable improvement measures.

The Cosmino Suite is a scalable and highly customizable solution and continuously incorporates best practices from our industry leading clients. With Cosmino you always have the flexibility to decide with solutions to implement according to your demands.

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